Associação Benéfica Nyikani Mavoko

About the “Associação Nyikani Mavoko”

The Nyikani Mavoko Association is a non-profit organization with legal status and administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy, approved by Mozambican regulations on July 15, 2016.
It has its headquarters in the Mission San Benedicto de Mangundze, district of Manjakaze, Province of Gaza. Its objectives are:

  • To help students from the most disadvantaged areas, in particular through monetary aid for the purchase of transport passes, provision of meal vouchers, allocation of manuals and technical books, investments for the recovery of buildings, purchase of tables and chairs, among other activities;
  • Supporting the most disadvantaged workers in the local population;
  • To support other charities in the geographical area of the Association or other areas that the Association authorities may approve, as areas for future expansion;
  • To help school children and young people in the Manjacaze areas by providing food and support for their medical care.
  • To promote sustainable projects in the agro-industrial sector for the benefit of the communities themselves;
  • Support the continuation of basic technical and higher education for children, including the promotion of culture and sports.

The Association’s work strategy is to articulate with other organizations to contribute with the integral development of the communities of the Mission San Benedicto de Mangundze, through different projects and covering cross-cutting themes such as health, education, nutrition, sport, water and sanitation, gender, resilience and disaster risk management.


  1. Juan Gabriel Arias – Presidente
  2. Bruno Miguel Ferreira Morgado – Vicepresidente
  3. Hans Abraham Thompson Behrens – Secretario
  4. Stefano Paris – 1° Vocal